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  • 1907

    The beginging...

    The story began in 1907 when Mr. Walker, a local potter decided to start an Interdenominational Sunday School for all English-speaking children in Kempton Park. There were no church buildings in Kempton Park at the time; even the Dutch Reformed Church was holding services in the school hall.

  • 1915

    Our 1st Sunday school...

    The Sunday School started with eight children present on the first Sunday. Soon the majority of the English speaking children in Kempton Park started attending this Sunday School. As it grew, Mr. Walker and a group of teachers decided to build a little wood and iron hall. This was Kempton Park’s very first church and became lovingly known as the ‘Little Tin Tab’ (Tabernacle) which opened on Saturday, 9 October 1915.

  • 1933


    With the building completed, it was decided to arrange Sunday services for the parents. Each Sunday a different minister would be asked to speak. Thus, the Tin Tab became a truly interdenominational community church for most of the English-speaking residents of Kempton Park. As new churches were established, some of the people naturally joined up with their own denominations. However, many remained with the church and formed an interdenominational fellowship in 1933. A committee was elected to run the church whilst ministers from various denominations preached.

  • 1953


    In 1953, the Tin Tab was replaced by a brick building called the WALKER MEMORIAL HALL in memory of Mr Walker and the church became known as the WALKER MEMORIAL CHURCH.

  • 1971

    Deryck Stone - Resident Pastor...

    In 1971 Rev. Deryck Stone was called as the resident pastor. Having their own pastor, the church grew steadily and eventually resulted in accommodation problems in the old building. So the search began for a new property.

  • 1982

    Our new building...

    Building began in February 1982 and twenty months later, on 10 October 1983, the new building was officially opened.

  • 1999

    Maranatha’s current home...

    It wasn’t long and this building became too small so in 1999, a new 3 000-seater Auditorium, Maranatha’s current home, was opened.  It includes a chapel, book  and coffee shop. The old church buildings were put to good use and now house a Youth and Young Adult facility (including the Next Gen Coffee Shop, games area and climbing wall) as well as classrooms and offices for Maranatha Christian School.

  • 1999 - Today

    In God we trust...

    Maranatha Community Church has grown from strength-to-strength and as God has added to our number, our facilities, which now include a Christian Counselling Centre, have also grown. We are currently looking ahead to a new building and premises. 

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